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本文摘要:Wearable technology is nothing new - activity trackers and smartwatches are now as ubiquitous as trainers and glasses.可穿着技术已仍然是新奇事物了——如今运动手环和智能手表都显得和运动鞋、眼镜一样广泛,随处可见。


Wearable technology is nothing new - activity trackers and smartwatches are now as ubiquitous as trainers and glasses.可穿着技术已仍然是新奇事物了——如今运动手环和智能手表都显得和运动鞋、眼镜一样广泛,随处可见。But what if it could soon be our clothing itself that has internet connectability?但如果我们的衣服可以联网,不会怎么样呢?In the not too distant future, its highly likely that our clothes will be almost as smart as our phones.在旋即的将来,我们的衣服近于有可能会显得和手机一样智能。Given weve survived just fine for millennia with the clothes we have now, you might be wondering what the point of connected clothing would be.我们早已几乎适应环境了千百年来所着的衣物,所以你可能会奇怪可联网的衣服卖点在哪里。

Well, imagine if when you put a jacket in the washing machine, a chip in the jacket automatically puts the machine on the right laundry setting, making life just that little bit easier.那么请求想象一下这样的场景:当你把一件夹克衫放入洗衣机,衣服里的芯片就自动将洗衣机徵至对应的洗衣模式。这样一来,诸如此类的生活琐事就显得更为精彩。

Another function of scannable chips in clothing could be the ability to find out more information about the product, such as how it was designed, its sustainability and even a playlist made by the brand.衣服里的这种可扫瞄芯片还有另一个功能:它能搜寻到更加多涉及信息,比如衣服的设计理念、耐用性,甚至是该品牌旗下的其它产品。Whilst none of these functions are things we need, the hope is that theyll enhance our clothing and the experience that goes with wearing it.当然这些功能看上去都不过于贴近我们的市场需求。但研发的想法是为了提高衣服性能和消费者的穿著体验。And it isnt just a dream - internet-connected clothes are already being made but are yet to go mainstream.这并非白日说梦话——这款可联网衣服早已生产出来,但要沦为主流商品却仍须要一段时间。


One company leading the way is clothing care label manufacturer Avery Dennison, who have teamed up with fashion label Rochambeau and Evrthing to create a bomber jacket with a personalised QR code.该技术的领导者——衣物护理标签制造商艾利丹尼森公司,联手时尚品牌Rochambeau和Evrthing联合打造出了一款具备个性二维码的凸腰较短夹克。The code in the chip then gives the wearer a number of perks such as entry to exclusive clubs, special menus at certain restaurants and a ticket to Rochambeaus next runway show.芯片里的二维码不会为穿着者获取许多专享福利,比如私人俱乐部的入场资格,特定餐厅的特色菜单还有罗尚博(Rochambeau)下一场时装秀的门票。But internet-connected clothing isnt the only way fashion is combining with technology - programmatic commerce, a concept developed by global ecommerce consultancy Salmon, is set to change the way we buy clothes.不过可联网衣服并不是时装与科技的唯一融合——全球电子商务咨询公司赛欧曼明确提出的“程序化商务”概念就探讨于如何转变购衣方式。

Through smart connected devices in our homes, our shopping needs will be anticipated and taken care of. For example, before youve even realised youve run out of tights, your favourite online retailer has automatically re-ordered some new ones for you based on your repurchasing patterns and an estimation of the average life cycle of your tights.家里的智能相连设备可以预料和符合我们的购物市场需求。打个比方来说,在你意识到没紧身衣可穿之前,根据你之前的消费模式和对你穿著紧身衣平均值周期的预估,你最青睐的网店早就自动为你下单售予新品。So with connected clothing and homes, it may soon be that when it comes to fashion, we barely have to think about anything at all.待到家里有了可联网衣服后,我们迅速就不必须在挑衣服时一再定夺了。



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